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About Me



I am a creative individual, who is naturally curious with strong communication skills. I have a MA in Digital Journalism. I have experience writing news stories, blogs and features. Since my postgraduate degree, I have gained experience at an SEO digital marketing agency, written for a finance newswire and edited magazine articles for a medical charity. 



I am a versatile writer who loves the written word. I have a TESOL qualification and have experience teaching English to adults and young people. I have good forward planning skills and can work under pressure and to deadlines. I have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy travelling to new places and meeting new people. I love languages and know some Spanish and Russian.



What was the last thing you read that stuck with you? Was it because of what it was or because of how it was said? Writing is a powerful tool in the right hands. I am looking for more opportunities to put pen to paper and fingertips to keyboard. I want to use my writing skills so I can ‘write the world’ one blog, article, column, feature (dare I say book?) at a time.   

Writing examples

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